Thursday, May 5, 2011


In a moment can I say more?
Than with a thought that can explore

The deep recesses of the soul and mind
Seemingly defying the barriers of time

I close my eyes and seem to ponder
Lets my senses fly and thoughts wander

Through the aridness some might claim
Almost nothingness but not quite the same

With eyes wide shut I drift away
Trying to keep my monsters at bay

Can I exist just outside the box?
Shutting down on emotion with mighty locks

Forgetting blue skies and the smell of seas
The crest of mountains, the green of trees

The joy of waking on an early morning
The sweet laziness of stretching and yawning

The sorrow of hurts from within
Sheer pain that would make a grown man cringe

Is it possible to banish all?
Or am I well and truly flawed?

If you were given the chance to forget
All the ugliness that looms like a threat

What would your answer truly be?
Do you think it is a brilliant opportunity?

Just one catch to keep in mind
You are also leaving your beautiful memories behind

Given the choice what would it be
Take the high road or wander free

Without any memoirs to keep you company?

...the choice is yours