Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In The Middle

Trust and doubt is a two edged blade
Both light and dark infused in the name
One side brings love, life and hope
The other only sorrows promote

I felt the kiss of the swords two sides
I've seens its truth and heard its lies
Closing my eyes I wonder forwhich
Of these twins I feel the itch

I yearn the blindness of its peace
I also hope for its discerning reach
Each side is independent of its twin
But dark of light neither can win

Locked in this eternal embrace
They stare into each others face
Neither can hide from the other
Always competing, brother against brother

Trust my friends do not dismay
But when you doubt try not to stray
Just think about it this way
Its brothers blood flows in his veins

Thursday, May 5, 2011


In a moment can I say more?
Than with a thought that can explore

The deep recesses of the soul and mind
Seemingly defying the barriers of time

I close my eyes and seem to ponder
Lets my senses fly and thoughts wander

Through the aridness some might claim
Almost nothingness but not quite the same

With eyes wide shut I drift away
Trying to keep my monsters at bay

Can I exist just outside the box?
Shutting down on emotion with mighty locks

Forgetting blue skies and the smell of seas
The crest of mountains, the green of trees

The joy of waking on an early morning
The sweet laziness of stretching and yawning

The sorrow of hurts from within
Sheer pain that would make a grown man cringe

Is it possible to banish all?
Or am I well and truly flawed?

If you were given the chance to forget
All the ugliness that looms like a threat

What would your answer truly be?
Do you think it is a brilliant opportunity?

Just one catch to keep in mind
You are also leaving your beautiful memories behind

Given the choice what would it be
Take the high road or wander free

Without any memoirs to keep you company?

...the choice is yours

Monday, April 18, 2011


Salt water pours out from my eyes
And I wonder if its you I despise

Not me but the mood that has
The ability to make us both sad

My heartbeat tattoos your name
And I just hang my head in shame

Will you accept my apology?
Do you still want the normal me?

Past hurts have made a fragile shell
Within which my heart dwells

Not sure you love me, though you care
Not enough for me to share

And from that place spurns a sixth sense
That seems to accuse you at length

Wrong or right, I start to shout
Till the one thing left is my doubt

Wrong or right, as I might be
My behavior paints you guilty

My heart can see you through the haze
And I love you, I need you is what it says

I need you to forgive me, really do
‘Cause my heart knows what is true

So if you still see me as your lover
A love like you I have no other

Monday, March 14, 2011


If sadness is a song
Then I am Japanese
And I sing along karaoke
To every given theme

If sorrow were a movie
I’d have reserved seats
My mood’s a season ticket
And it’s showing on repeat.

Were melancholy a food
I would definitely be obese
I seem to stuff myself with it
I have acquired quite a taste

When heartache becomes the weather
There would be no seasons for me
I would be stuck all year in winter
Staring at snowfall on trees

For restlessness to be a job
I’d already be a slave
Surely signed off my best years
And be stuck working myself away

My spirit is not down
It is the way it has become
Filled with draining emotion
And I’m graduating to numb

It is turning into fine wine
Getting better with age
It will remain a thing of beauty
If it ends before the page.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All About What

Can't describe it
Cannot say
Flashes of light
Take my breathe away
Sometimes its warm  
Hot summer night 
Others its cold
Freezing like ice
I feel it, taste it
Touch it and see
It flows through my soul
As though part of me
Its beauty, so rare
Comes from the heart
Blurs into each other
Can't tell it apart
Hard to describe
In so many words
Not sure they'll suffice
To make it heard
Nothing I can do
Or ever even say
But the truth is
Its clearer than day