Monday, April 18, 2011


Salt water pours out from my eyes
And I wonder if its you I despise

Not me but the mood that has
The ability to make us both sad

My heartbeat tattoos your name
And I just hang my head in shame

Will you accept my apology?
Do you still want the normal me?

Past hurts have made a fragile shell
Within which my heart dwells

Not sure you love me, though you care
Not enough for me to share

And from that place spurns a sixth sense
That seems to accuse you at length

Wrong or right, I start to shout
Till the one thing left is my doubt

Wrong or right, as I might be
My behavior paints you guilty

My heart can see you through the haze
And I love you, I need you is what it says

I need you to forgive me, really do
‘Cause my heart knows what is true

So if you still see me as your lover
A love like you I have no other

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